Top JeM Commander Among 3 militants, Soldier, Civilian Killed, 3 Injured In Pulwama Gunfight


Three militants of Jaish-e-Mohammad, soldier and a civilian were killed and three persons including two armymen were injured in an encounter with militants in Dalipora area of Pulwama district in south Kashmir on Thursday.

A police officer said that in the initial phase of encounter three soldiers and two brothers Mohd Younis Dar and Rayees Ahmad Dar sons of Jalal Ud Din Dar sustained injuries.

While Rayees died on the spot, his brother Younis was immediately taken to nearby hospital where from he was referred to Srinagar hospital for specialized treatment, the officer said.

The officer said that the soldiers were airlifted to army’s 92 base hospital Badamibagh Srinagar where one of them namely Sandeep Kumar succumbed to injuries.

He identified the injured soldiers as Sepoy Arunesh GSW and Sepoy Ravindar GSW.

During the course of gunfight all the three militants were killed and their bodies along with as many weapons and other arms and ammunition were recovered from the site, he said.

The officer identified the slain militants as Naseer Pandith of Karmibad Pulwama, Umar Mir of Bethipora Shopian and Khalid Bhai from Pakistan. The slain trio were affiliated with Jaish-e-Mohammad militant outfit.

The officer said that Khalid was active since last eight years in Kashmir and termed his killing as a major success.

Khalid, the top commander of the JeM outfit was wanted in the 2017 fidayeen attack on a CRPF camp in Lethpora that left five paramilitary personnel dead.

He said that Khalid was mastermind of the attack.

The officer said that the encounter started after militants beleived to be three in number, fired upon a joint team of police and army while a cordon-and-search operation was going on in the Dalipora village.

The cordon was launched after credible inputs about the presence of the militants.

The authorities have also imposed curfew in the town following clashes.

Meanwhile, the internet services have also been suspended in the southern district. (GNS)


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  52. Beachy5313 ough

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    regarding! And no one seems to have the true story! I was certain my mom knew and just wasn telling me. I asked her recently to tell me the truth on why he left and she said she honestly didn’t know, The parents just adopted letters stating that he would be leaving and retiring early. No thinking behind it.

    7th grade teacher was gone in November. One girl says that he was gone while he tried to touch her boobs and she told on him. I don know in the event that true, Or if she was just saying it for consideration; on one hand, I like to feel that no one would lie about that, on the other instrument, 12 year olds say weird ass shit for notice, manual intervention, positive or negative. The man seemed a bit forgetful, so maybe he just couldn handle the job anymore. I like to believe he never touch a student like that, and moreover since he been in the same district for over 40 years with a clean record, occasionally the price the people that seem the nicest are hiding nasty secrets.

    Beachy5313 4 points published 2 days ago

    People mentioned it for a week or so and went to memorials. But things didn change also. We all had classes to make contact with and everyone moved on to “It was an cut off incident” or just “really, If it happened once, We statistically much safer now,

    Did make an issue about banning guns from campus and making it a gun free zone. We were all confused since the campus was (allowed to be) Already gun free and these folks were banned. If you desired your hunting rifle, the police had a special safe, But you’ll still needed the officer to retrieve it for you, And chances are they’ll escorted you/your car off campus. Handguns were completely banned and if you brought it to highschool, your parents had to take it home, when we were in college (or you might do what I did and just not tell them what you have in your side table/purse).

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    Beachy5313 25 points written 3 days ago

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    Damn near impossible to find doctors with common sense relating to women health. Especially in damn sc.

    Beachy5313 6 points uploaded 4 days ago

    I sorry this came about, That complete and comment BS. What component SC? (And if you eager, PM me the name so I know who not to use at some point). Or what about picking a few people to be drivers and renting those 16+ person vans from Enterprise to shuttle people to and fro?

    Beachy5313 92 points supplied 4 days ago

    I know several women that exist solely as their mothers wanted but were denied abortions by their mothers or succumbed to the pressure from their religion to keep the baby. not surprisingly, Most of them do not have good working relationships with their mothers, And some of the mothers essentially “read through” Of their kids lives once they were out your front door.

    Upsetting for my pals, needless to say, plus the “not being wanted” Feeling cascades into rest of their lives. I sure I produce other friends that weren wanted but don know it, I can only speak to the ones that had their mom tell them the simple fact wanting the abortion.

    Beachy5313 171 points created 4 days ago

    there’s, That in many cases the logic. “Don want our neighbors to clean me up, How about I jump down in front of the train while 40 university students are waiting for the train to pass so they can get to the bar district. Don want to traumatize my loved ones! I do it the simple way,

    learners weren traumatized at all and it certainly not like when a couple of them get together even 15 years later they still mention that the image is forever burned in their brains and still have nightmares involving the 10 seconds of realizing what going on with the running guy.

    Beachy5313 11 points posted 4 days ago

    I set on public school. But I went to a school that actually teaches their kids and gives them aspirations they need for college. my home now, They don do that at is going to be the public schools; It glorified babysitting service and recruitment for the military.

    I been a replacement teacher in the school district that I currently zoned for, In the state that is literally the worst in America for education. we’ve got some great public schools in the state, But none close to move near and my spouce and i make “excessively” For our kids to qualify for the program that allows you to send your kids to actually good public schools from their shit public school. You in short put in a spot of either moving (Which isn an option as of the moment), shouldering the money for private school (Which you do have to investigate and make sure it private since they are actually teaching the kids and not because they racist AF), Sending the youngster to a sub par school, Or aiming to home school. If your kid is self enthusiastic, They be fine doing AP work themselves, But those kids are quite few when their classmates are out boozing and drugging with no supervision since their parents are also out boozing and drugging. But whether they can self police and want them to attain a real education and not be drawing pictures of what a tundra is at 17 years old for their geography class, You can send them to my place.

    Beachy5313 0 points uploaded 4 days ago

    I spent a year as a substitute teacher. I met most lovely, Nice kids while earning a living there. But the amount is a complete disservice to them. So many of them are smart and talented and CAN learn, But they never been given the tools, And no one has ever pressed upon them that although you don want to go to college, training skills are still something you need in life. But by the time they get to graduating, It a bit late to get the points across, And I only be with them for a month or so anyways.

    Beachy5313 14 points developed 4 days ago

    I def see your point. I am related to those kids safety once they cameras are fully gone who knows what sort of horrors they seen when the cameras aren rolling.

    I think this has to happen. Jenelle has been confirmed many times that David behavior is inappropriate, He gotten fired from the show to get a bigot, Now she off the show for tallying with animal abuse (She can claim she against it alllll she’d like, But assuming that she with David, She fine with the dog abuse; No way I could stay with my husband if he thought that was the proper reaction). I think sizzling hot Jenelle will leave is if she pretty much loses everything she has. until then, She keep excuses and appear to have the “ultimate life,

    Day of buying things with lunch and then dinner/bars that night: $150 acquiring, $100 on dishes, $75 consumes, $50 vape put in writing (Although that lasted longer than the night time). $375 total (The shopping was my own fault for over taking, many others didn buy anything/much)

    Brunch, circus, And karaoke box: $115 brunch, $50 carnival, $25 on mini bottles for the brazillian carnival, $50 at bar that evening time. $240 total

    Day Weekend in foothills: $150pp for house holiday, $100 on nutrition, $50 on products out, $50 in gas to roll up. the girls had flights but got them for $200. $350 total in my circumstances, $600 for completing staters.

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