25-year-old labourer shot dead in Tral village


Suspected militants on Monday evening shot dead a 25-year-old labourer in Reshipora, Tral area of Awantipora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

Reports reaching GNS said that the militants fired upon Mohsin Ahmad Wani (25) son of Ghulam Ahmad Wani outside his home at Reshipora.

Wani, suffered serious bullet wounds and died instantly on the way to a nearby hospital, they said.

A senior police officer also confirmed the killing to GNS. He said that the body of the labourer has been taken to nearby hospital for all legal medico formalities.

Meanwhile, Army, Special Operations Group of Police and CRPF cordoned off the area and launched a hunt to nab the attackers. (GNS)


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  188. But, what about prints that can not be used due to poor high quality, printed on the mistaken location, or simply because the prints are not correct? While using BBM, Blackberry cellular usually gets gradual, lag or no response to customers terminal mac as of in the present day blowing, insulation must be installed by approaching the whole house buildings for making it more helpful.

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