72% favour  PM Modi if Lok Sabha polls held today


NEW DELHI, May 27: A whopping 72% respondents to an poll conducted by Times Group said they will vote for Narendra Modi as PM if Lok Sabha elections were held today. More respondents showed their preference for a ‘third front’ candidate (16%) for the top post compared to Congress president Rahul Gandhi (12%) in the ‘Pulse of the Nation’ poll + conducted in nine languages less than a year before the general elections.
Similarly, 16% voted for the likelihood of a ‘third front’ government and 11% for a Rahul-led government. An overwhelming 73% said Modi-led government would be formed. Employment was a major challenge + with 28% respondents identifying it as the “single biggest failure” of the Modi government, followed by demonetisation at 22%.
If Rahul aspire to become PM with 11% support, god save him and his party from disaster in 2019.
It seems that 2019 elections will be his last one and his party will disintegrate, thereafter.
Over 8.4 lakh people participated in the online-only poll, which was available only to those with internet connections, which is about 55% urban and 25% of rural India. Only one vote was allowed per IP address.


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